DECEMBER 13, 2021


Arguably the fuel that helps start more people’s day than any other commodity in the world, coffee is that sweet nectar nature continues to provide. The earliest known cup of coffee, similar to the one we drink today, comes from Yemen somewhere around the middle of the 15th century. Soon after in the 16th century, coffee had spanned across the rest of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. And then, in the land we call the U S of A, coffee was introduced a couple hundred years later in the 18th century, becoming more widespread after the Boston Tea Party.

These days you can’t walk two blocks out of your home without running into a coffee shop and walking down the grocery aisle, there are more brands of coffee than you should care to count. But to simplify everything, there is now one brand you should start your day and stock your pantries with; get ready to brew with the barrel-aged Morning Dram. And how do you make a name for yourself in a flooded industry? You identify your product as a coffee for the spirits drinker.

New to the coffee scene, Morning Dram gets its name from the small pour of alcohol (dram), usually whiskey. And where many like a small pour at the end of a hard day’s work, it seemed fitting to start the day with a small pour of something delicious and aged in the same barrels that provide the evening delicacies. It only makes sense to start and end the day with the same sensible pleasures for the mind, body, and soul. And as previously questioned, how do you set yourself apart in the coffee world? You introduce simple yet sophisticated flavors to those looking to ignite their taste buds.

The Morning Dram favors simplicity, which ultimately produces complexity by housing their pre-roasted coffee beans in old distilling barrels. The beans are given plenty of room in the barrels, so they can be spun and take in the aromas of the barrel and former spirit. This process allows Moring Dram to offer a bean with no added flavors, additives, and certainly never anything along the lines of an orange mocha frappuccino. Morning Dram’s barrel-aged coffee is perfect for those to consider themself a connoisseur of both coffee and whiskey or bourbon.

And don’t be mistaken or think that The Morning Dram just happened to appear on the market overnight because somebody thought it would be a good idea. This coffee and brand come from the mastermind of Tommy Tardie, Owner and Operator of The Flatiron Room and Fine & Rare in New York City. With decades of experience in the hospitality industry with numerous industry awards including Best Whisky Bar, Morning Dram is inspired by the likeness between fine spirits and quality coffee, where the experience comes from the simplicity of each ingredient.

“Good coffee and fine spirits have so much in common, you want to appreciate each sip,” shared Tommy Tardie, Owner & Operator of Goodnight Group. “The Morning Dram offers a balance of complex  notes and simple joy, robust flavors of coffee beans cradled in these spirits barrels.” 

The Morning Dram is a collection of coffees created for the spirits drinker. On the market today, flavor profiles include Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, Rye Barrel Aged  Coffee, Apera Sherry Barrel Aged Coffee, and House Blend No. 1.


Bourbon Barrel Aged: Honduras

Caramel corn, vanilla fudge, toasted marshmallow, sweet bourbon

Rye Barrel Aged: Colombia & Mexico

Milk chocolate, orange zest, ginger candy, cinnamon toast, sweet oak

Apera Sherry Barrel Aged: Guatemala

Cherries dipped in milk, chocolate, Brazil nuts, figs, strawberry preserves


At one point or another surely you’ve had a cup of coffee that excited the taste bud like any other before, and it was noticeably easy to identify the quality of the coffee. And those distinguished cups may be few and far between because it requires a trip to the corner cafe to sample the barista’s diligent work, which comes with a hefty price tag. The Morning Dram offers up the possibility of truly the best cup of coffee every morning, from the comfort of your home or co-piloting your morning commute.