What is Barrel-Aged Coffee?

Simply put, barrel-aged coffee is made from coffee beans that have spent time in a barrel once used to hold whiskey, rye, rum, or other liquor. This enhances and emphasizes the complex characteristics of the coffee beans.

The Morning Dram places green coffee beans (not yet roasted) into recently emptied barrels from top distilleries. We give the beans plenty of room in the barrels, so we can rotate them and give them space to spread out and breathe in the aromas of the barrel, producing bourbon barrel-aged coffee, rye barrel-aged coffee, and more. You can taste the difference in our signature process.
There is no liquor in the barrels when we pour in our beans, but as they rest in these empty barrels, the charred oak imparts flavor into the beans, just like it did to the alcohol it held prior. The transformation is remarkable. The green beans, which were chosen for specific flavor notes on their own, are now filled with new flavors thanks to the barrel.
We roast the beans to a level that perfectly allows the notes of both the coffee and the spirits to shine through. We find our brew to be smooth, flavorful, and balanced.
There are no flavorings or additives in The Morning Dram coffee. It's one ingredient: coffee beans.
Barrel aged coffee makes a great gift for someone who is a whiskey lover, bourbon lover, or coffee lover.