Does Your Old Man Love Whiskey? Give Him One of These 13 Boozy Father’s Day Gifts

While a nice bottle of whiskey is always a great Father’s Day gift idea, there are also many different gift sets and booze-related items to choose from. Distilleries collaborate with craftspeople, chocolate makers and bakeries, and offer special edition bottles around Father’s Day, opening up a whole world of gifting options that are unique and appealing to the spirits-loving fathers out there.

So if you want to make your old man’s day, then here are 13 of the best boozy gift ideas to consider for your dad this year — and we included some that fall into other categories as well, like tequila and beer. So if your dad loves whiskey as much as we do, there’s sure to be something he loves in our boozy Father’s Day gift guide below.

The Morning Dram Starter Kit

If your dad loves coffee as much as he does whiskey, this gift pack from The Morning Dram is worth checking out for a boozy Father’s Day gift idea. It was created by Tommy Tardie, who owns two of the best whiskey spots in NYC, The Flatiron Room and Fine and Rare. The beans in this kit were aged in bourbon and rye barrels, giving them a depth of flavor that can only come from spending time in a whiskey cask. The kit also comes with a mug, steel dripper and handheld burr grinder. $99


 April 19, 2022